Work for Us

If you’re a great technical writer, designer, developer or engineer, and you’d like to work for us, please get in touch.

    10 reasons to work for us

    The Easeware work environment is stimulating, rewarding, challenging, dynamic and egalitarian. We encourage excellence, fun, open-mindedness and challenging of the status-quo.

    We want everyone to work on things that interest and inspire them. So we encourage exploration and we pay for any relevant training or certifications you undertake.

    We hire only people who we believe will meet or — better yet — exceed our high expectations.

    We have a culture of excellence. We don’t expect excellence every single time, but we do expect that all our staff will always aim for excellence in everything they do, every day.

    Enjoy company-sponsored social events, office parties, exercise equipment, personal research projects, technology excursions and even an annual, week-long company retreat at a different destination each year (last year it was Taiwan!).

    Work from home for half of every week. You even get to choose the days.

    We adopt flexible working hours to avoid traffic rush hours. Arrive early and leave early, or arrive late and leave late. It’s completely up to you. So long as there’s plenty of time for you to collaborate with the rest of the team, we’re happy. You can even get in late and leave early, so long as you make up the time soon after.

    We employ an amazing chef to cook lunch for everyone at our head office, every day, and all meals at our staff functions.

    You’ll get a share of the company’s revenue, in addition to your salary.

    We take mental health seriously. That’s why we subsidize psychological counseling for all employees who’ve been with us for a year or more. We cover half the cost, up to US$100 per session, and there’s no limit on the number of sessions.