We're all about making life easier

Technology is supposed to make life easier. But how often have you found that exactly the opposite is true? Way too often, right?

Our mission

We’re here to solve that problem. Our mission is to make good technology easy to understand and easy to use, so that it actually improves your life.

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What do we do?


Many computer problems are caused by outdated device drivers. So we created Driver Easy. It automatically updates your device drivers with just 1 click.


Everyone who buys our Driver Easy software gets free support. Not just for Driver Easy itself, but also for whatever computer problem they’re trying to solve.


Our technical writers have written nearly 7,000 articles to help people solve their technology problems and achieve their goals. That’s an awful lot of how-to’s!

Our brands

You’ve probably encountered our brands without even knowing it. They’re trusted by millions, all around the world.

Super Easy

Thousands of articles that make life easier. All about technology, all written by experts, and all for people who just want to get on with living.

Driver Easy

Software to automatically update your Windows drivers and solve some of the most common and frustrating Windows problems.

Our company

Founded in Hong Kong in 2009, we’re a small team of technical writers, copywriters, journalists, designers, developers and engineers. On any given day, you’ll find about 20 of us in the office.

Work for us

Want to work somewhere stimulating, rewarding, challenging and dynamic? To be part of an egalitarian culture that encourages excellence, fun, open-mindedness and challenging of the status-quo?

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